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Spray Tans

Spray Tans services offered in Ardmore, OK

Would you love to achieve a more bronzed, tan appearance without damaging your skin with ultraviolet rays? If so, professional spray tans are an outstanding option and among the services offered at Ardmore Aesthetic Solutions in Ardmore, Oklahoma, under the care of Scott Cooper, PA-C. Call or click online today to schedule a visit. 

Spray Tans Q&A

What are spray tans?

A spray tan is an aesthetic treatment that gives your skin a deeper shade of color without ultraviolet rays. Spray tanning has been around for some time but took off after the risks of tanning beds became widely known. 


The process, as the name implies, involves spraying a special solution onto your skin. Most spray tanning products use dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with the amino acids in your skin to deepen your skin color. 


Spray tanning offers the chance to achieve a beautiful, even-bronzed appearance in just one visit without placing your skin at risk. 

What should I expect during my spray tan visit?

During the initial portion of your visit, your practitioner discusses your treatment goals. It is helpful to bring photos of yourself with a natural tan or online photos to guide the process. 


If you have professional waxing done, be sure to wait at least a full day before coming in for a spray tan. Don’t use heavy lotions the day of your visit, and remove any deodorant, makeup, or other products from your skin before coming in. 


You undress and step into the spray tan booth. You can choose to wear underwear if you like, and there are special paper underwear you can wear, so you don’t ruin your own. You also cover your hair to protect it from the tanning solution. 


The actual spray tan process takes just moments. Your practitioner uses a handheld device to apply the tanning solution. When they get near your face, you take a deep breath and keep your eyes closed (but don’t squint). Your practitioner may ask you to move around or take specific positions to ensure even tanning. 

How can I make my spray tan last longer?

Wait 6-8 hours before showering, and expect your spray tan results to be darker the first day or two. Your tan fades into the desired color and last 5-10 days. You can extend your results by keeping your skin moisturized and avoiding harsh products. 


Your practitioner can advise you on how to maintain your spray tan. Plus, you can use products to “bump” up your tan as it fades. 


If you have additional questions or concerns about spray tans, book a visit at Ardmore Aesthetic Solutions to learn more. Online scheduling is an option, or you can call to check appointment availability.